Governor Ricketts uses Millions of his Own Money for Revenge

Today will be the first execution in Nebraska for 21 years due to Gov. Ricketts efforts to defy the Nebraska Legislature, the Pope, and the drug manufacturer.

The Nebraska Democratic Party has released the following statements in response:

“Gov. Ricketts proclaimed Nebraska as a “pro-life” state this year and today he uses a drug cocktail never used before to kill an inmate. Against the wishes of the Pope, Catholic Bishops and the Legislature, Ricketts used millions of his own money for revenge.” -Chair Jane Kleeb

“ I just left the anti-death penalty vigil at St John’s Church on the Creighton University campus.  All in attendance prayed for the repose of the souls of the victims of Carey Dean Moore and for Moore himself!  The group with many Catholic Democrats prayed for the end of the death penalty in Nebraska and for our state! It was a somber gathering!

As I leave Omaha to attend a prayer service at the Dakota County Jail for those jailed in the O’Neill ICE raid last week I am saddened not by what we have become but by what we have allowed ourselves to become in this State and in this Nation under the “color of law.” Utterances of the death penalty being the “will of the people” and the jailing of people whose only crime is wanting to keep their children from starving to me is nothing less than un-American!

Like all I am frustrated. And like all here my frustration will be translated into action in November. We must take this State and this Nation back! That is the will of the people I try to give voice to!  I will continue!” – First Associate Chair, Frank LaMere

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