Legislative Candidate Susan Lorence Condemns Offensive Attack

Susan Lorence, candidate for Legislature in District 2 (Cass, Sarpy, and Otoe Counties), said a recent mail piece from her opponent Sen. Robert Clements was uncalled for, and she does not think it is what voters want to see.

Clements’ offensive mail piece wrongly accuses Susan Lorence of slinging mud and shows her picture next to a picture of a pig.

“This type of attack is beneath the dignity of Nebraska voters. It is emblematic of everything that is wrong with politics in our country right now,” said Lorence.

Throughout her entire campaign, Lorence said she has made sure her communications have only been positive.

“I’ve sought to outline my priorities for the district and to provide the contrast between my positions on issues and those of my opponent, Sen. Clements. I am a moderate Nebraskan who wants to see real progress made on important issues for our state,” she said.

“I believe it is critical to give voters a clear idea of where candidates stand on issues that matter to Nebraskans,” she said. “I also believe honest, civil discussions are crucial for a successful Legislative process”
One Lorence campaign postcard outlined details regarding Sen. Clements’ voting record and cited his votes to cut state roads funding by nearly $120 million. Lorence noted that the postcard was focused on Clements’ voting record and that she has not made any personal attacks against Sen. Clements. She said she believes voters deserve to know the truth about their elected leaders and their voting record.
Lorence provided a list of roads funding votes made by Sen. Clements, along with details about the roads projects in Legislative District 2 that have been directly impacted by state roads funding:
Sen. Clements voted to transfer $30 million out of the Roads Operations Cash Fund into the General Fund;
— Sen. Clements voted for an amendment to cut funding for the Roads Operation Cash Fund by $6.7 million;
— Sen. Clements voted for an amendment to the State Budget package to cut Roads Funding by $41.8 million;
— Sen. Clements voted against passage of the final budget package – which included the additional $41.8 million in roads funding.

“We have crucial roads projects underway throughout our district. Voters want these projects on Hwy 75, Hwy 6, and Hwy 34 to finally be completed,” Lorence said.

She noted that highway construction in Nebraska is prioritized by available funding — and key projects in Legislative District 2, such as the work on Hwy 75 between Nebraska City and Omaha, are currently not set to be done till 2020-2023; however, they could have been completed in 2018 with adequate funding.

“I am concerned that the endless road construction projects are a real threat to public safety, especially when considering head to head traffic during construction. ” Lorence said.

“As I walk door to door, I am hearing from voters that they are sick of the mudslinging and divisiveness between both sides on the national level. We can and should do better for our state.”

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