Nebraska Democratic Party Calls on Bacon to Shed Donations from Roy Moore Mega Donor Richard Uihlein and Answer Basic Question if Bacon Supports Child Predator

Today, the Nebraska Democratic Party is calling on Congressman Don Bacon to divest $2,700 in donations to his campaign from Roy Moore’s mega-donor, Richard Uihlein. The donor, Uihlein, has also given $100,000 to a conservative PAC supporting the disgraced accused child predator and Republican nominee for U.S. Senate. The NDP additionally calls on Rep. Bacon to answer the basic questions if he supports Moore and Trump who recently endorsed the disgraced Republican candidate.

Roy Moore has been credibly accused to have engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct with multiple teenage girls, including one person as young as 14. Republicans from NRSC Chairman Cory Gardner, to Senator Susan Collins, to Senator John McCain have made their position clear that Roy Moore is unfit to serve in the United States Senate.

Don Bacon, who infamously said “if he’s guilty he should withdraw,” and that “ultimately this will be up to the voters of Alabama to decide,” has $2,700 from a top Moore backer sitting in his campaign bank account.

“Representative Bacon must reject the support of Richard Uihlein and return every cent of his tainted money,” said Nebraska Democratic Chair, Jane Kleeb. “Uihlein’s support for Moore, who has been credibly accused of preying on underage girls as young as 14, is truly repugnant. Bacon must disavow his relationship with Uihlein and Moore immediately—failure to do so will raise serious ethical and moral questions. Trump has now endorsed Moore while Bacon remains silent and takes money from Moore supporters. You can not have it both ways Bacon—one day you sign on to a sexual harassment bill and the other day you take money from donors who support child predators.”

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