News Release: New Thanksgiving NDP Ad Celebrates Surge in New Democratic Voters

The Nebraska Democratic Party is releasing a new online commercial ahead of Thanksgiving  to celebrate the continuing resurgence of the party.

The ad outlines how Nebraska Democrats almost seemed extinct in recent years. But thanks to aggressive party-building efforts, there has been an increase of 31,000 registered Nebraska Democrats since 2018. An historic number of Democrats, 850 in fact, ran in the 2018 cycle with a 73 percent win rate.

Follow this link to see the commercial.

The ad is part of a new campaign to get people to register to vote now for the 2020 Primary and General elections

“Nebraska Democrats are on the rise. We are engaged, energized and ready to work hard to earn the trust and votes of fellow Nebraskans,” said NDP Chair Jane Kleeb. “We welcome all shades of blue at the table to knock doors, write postcards and serve as a Block Captain to engage voters at the local level. Together, we can end the one-party rule in our state.”



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