Press Release: Nebraska Democratic Party Ready to Offer Voters a Choice to Defeat Ben Sasse

The Nebraska Democratic Party is prepared to support a strong Democratic candidate, whose values represent our party, in order to defeat Ben Sasse regardless of Chris Janicek’s next move.

“Chris Janicek sexually harassed a staff member, and instead of taking responsibility and stepping aside, he is blocking the first African-American woman to represent our party for the U.S. Senate. He is shameful and has no support of the Democratic Party,” Kleeb said. “Unlike the Republican party, our Democratic Party does not look the other way when a candidate sexually harasses a woman. Our party will make sure that voters across Nebraska have a strong choice in order to defeat Ben Sasse.”

Said Alisha Shelton:  “We deserve a nominee with a moral compass. One who listens to the people, then creates plans to meet their needs. Leaders are always willing to do the right thing, even if it is hard. I am sad that Chris is not leading. Fellow Nebraskans are pleading with him to exit the race. I look forward to the historic opportunity to represent our party.” 


NDP officials asked Janicek to withdraw from the senate race after he sexually harassed a staff member with explicit text messages asking staff to donate money so Chris could hire men to perform violent sex on a female staff member.

Janicek has until 5 p.m. CT on September 1, 2020 to do the right thing and vacate the Democratic ballot line. If he does, then the NDP is prepared to file the paperwork for Alisha Shelton to be our party’s nominee on the General Election ballot.

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