Thank you for your interest in the NDP, Nebraska’s official statewide Democratic Party organization.

Our state’s greatest strength is our people: honest, hard-working people from all walks of life.

We believe in growing the good life for ALL Nebraskans, not just for a few at the top.

We want to do well for ourselves and our families–and do our part for our communities, state and country.

We respect the dignity of every person–no matter who you are, what you look like or where you come from.

Each of us has something valuable to contribute to our state. When Nebraskans work together, we can accomplish anything.

Democrats fight every day to move our state forward and make our government and our economy work for every Nebraskan–not just powerful special interests.

Nebraska works best when it works for all.

Senator Paul Wellstone, a Democrat from the Midwest, always said, “We all do better, when we all do better.” He sums it up best on what it means to be a Democrat.

Welcome to the Party!

Chair Jane Kleeb

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