Primary 2017 Candidates: Volunteer, Vote, Donate

Elections do not happen only when we vote for President! City elections are happening in Lincoln and Omaha in 2017 and have huge impacts for us. It is critical to turn out for both the primary (April 4) and the general elections (May 2 in Lincoln and May 9 in Omaha)! If you do not live in Lincoln or Omaha, we need volunteers to knock doors or make calls! Choose a candidate you support and contact them to get involved. We must win these elections to show power and momentum for statewide elections in 2018—that is when we will take on Sen. Fischer, Gov. Ricketts and many State Legislative races. Show up in 2017 to show our blue power!

Basic Voter Info

Omaha and Lincoln share a Primary date: April 4, 2017

Omaha general election date: May 9, 2017

Lincoln general election date: May 2, 2017

Polls for the primary and general are open 8am-8pm. You can also vote by mail!

If you live in Omaha, the grassroots group Black Votes Matter gives rides to the polls, just call 402-575-0144.

OMAHA: Get info on how to register to vote, vote by mail or change your party affiliation:

LINCOLN: Get info on how to register to vote, vote by mail or change your party:

Volunteer, Vote, Donate for Democratic Candidates


Lincoln Candidates:

Maggie Mae Squires

Leirion Gaylor Baird, City Council, Re-Election
Volunteer:, 402-217-5676

Bennie Shobe, City Council
Volunteer:, 402-480-3209

Lou Braatz, City Council
Volunteer:, 402-650-7440

Zachary James, Airport Authority

Kathy Danek, School Board, Re-Election

Barb Baier, School Board, Re-Election

Don Mayhew, School Board, Re-Election

Omaha Candidates:

Heath Mello, Mayor
Volunteer:, 402-810-9646

Pete Festersen, City Council, Ward 1, Re-Election

Grant Sturek, City Council, Ward 1

Ben Gray, City Council, Ward 2, Re-Election
Volunteer: 402-707-8915

Maurice Jones, City Council, Ward 2

Chris Jerram, City Council, Ward 3, Re-Election

Jim Rogers, City Council, Ward 4
Volunteer:, 402-706-8019

Kimara Snipes, City Council, Ward 4 (*write in)

Vinny Palermo, City Council, Ward 4

Brian Thommes, City Council, Ward 7

Donate to help all Democratic candidates:

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