21 Democratic Presidential Candidates Sign ASDC Pledge To Support 57 State Party Strategy

This past week at the summer meeting of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in San Francisco, leaders representing all 57 democratic state parties met with Presidential candidates seeking the Democratic Party nomination to discuss the Association of State Democratic Committees (ASDC) pledge.

The ASDC pledge asks our Democratic nominee and future President to commit to partnering with all 57 State Parties ( (all 50 States + DC + 5 U.S. Overseas Territories + Democrats Abroad) and the ASDC to build strong, stable political infrastructure to continue the legacy that DNC Chairman Tom Perez has built with the 57 State Party Strategy.

NDP Chair Jane Kleeb worked closely with Ken Martin — president of the Association of State Democratic Committees and chairman of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) Party — and all of the state chairs to ensure the Democratic candidates are fully committed to the state parties.

“State parties are the backbone to federal, state and local campaigns. For too long we have been under-funded and ignored,” Kleeb said. “We know our power to win elections and build the party year round. I am excited all of our Presidential candidates recognize state parties are partners at the table.”

The ASDC pledge was passed unanimously in Santa Fe, New Mexico this past June by ASDC members – made up of the Chairs and Vice Chairs from all 57 State Parties and unanimously endorsed by the ASDED – the Association of State Party Democratic Executive Directors. It has been shared with all candidates for the Democratic Presidential nomination.

As of the conclusion of the summer DNC meeting in San Francisco, 21 Democratic Presidential Candidates have signed the ASDC Pledge:

Senator Michael Bennet
Vice President Joe Biden
Governor Steve Bullock
Mayor Pete Buttigieg
Senator Cory Booker
Secretary Julian Castro
Mayor Bill DeBlasio
Congressman John Delaney
Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
Rosalind Greene
Senator Kamala Harris
Senator Amy Klobuchar
Congressman Beto O’Rourke
Congressman Tim Ryan
Senator Bernie Sanders
Admiral Joe Sestak
Tom Steyer
Senator Elizabeth Warren
Marianne Williamson
Andrew Yang

“We look forward to partnering with our Democratic presidential candidates who have signed this pledge which recognizes the importance of building a party that competes in every zip code and in every race up and down the ballot” Martin said. “We must build to win and build to last so we can grow our Party into the future.”

“It is critical that we build a sustainable Democratic Party infrastructure that will remain beyond the 2020 election cycle” said Raymond Buckley, New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair “The 57 state party strategy helps us elect Democrats throughout the country who will be vitally important in building support for the next Democratic President’s agenda.”

“It’s not enough just to win the Presidency,” said Trav Robertson, Chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party, “If we are going to turn states like mine from red-to-blue, we need to have a party that is committed to winning in every part of the country and that’s what this historic partnership between our next President and the ASDC does.”

The Association of State Democratic Committees (ASDC) is the only national party organization focused exclusively on the current and future needs of State Democratic Parties, assisting them to fulfill their vital role. The ASDC’s mission is to help build strong State Democratic Parties in order to elect Democrats at all levels of office.

To accomplish this goal, the ASDC focuses on building strong, stable, and sustainable infrastructure for all 57 State Parties. It acts as a service organization dedicated to supporting and educating its members, building strong relationships with and among State Parties, and using training to equip our members with the tools and skills they need to succeed.

Located within the Democratic National Committee, the ASDC represents state party interests at the DNC, as well as within the wider Democratic and progressive ecosystem. The Association engages in this critical work to ensure that State Parties have the tools and resources they need to elect those who share our values, will make a difference in our communities, and will improve peoples’ lives.

ASDC Presidential Pledge Cover Letter

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