Call to Action: Show Support of Sen. Kerrey’s Success at Defusing GOP Bullying

The decision by Sen. Bob Kerrey to withdraw from giving a commencement address at Creighton University underscores the peril of the one-party political domination of our state by the Republican Party.

In Trump-like fashion, the Nebraska GOP last week acted like bullies, calling on Creighton University to rescind its invitation to Sen. Kerrey, a war hero and Medal of Honor recipient, to give the May 18 commencement address at the school because of his pro-choice stance on abortion.

On Monday, Kerrey announced that he had decided against speaking at Creighton, saying he did not want to become a distraction if Republicans protested at the event.

Sen. Kerrey rightfully said said the students’ commencement “should be a moment of celebration” and “not be interrupted with politics.”

Jane Kleeb, the Nebraska Democratic Chair said, “The Nebraska GOP failed to understand that graduation day should be about the students, their families and the school — not political bullying and intimidation. Fortunately, Sen. Kerrey did understand. Now Creighton is left searching for a new speaker when all of this could have been avoided by the Republican Party not modeling Trump’s erratic and bullying behavior.”

Please share the NDP’s Tweet and post on Facebook to show support for Sen. Kerrey.

You can also read our initial press release we sent out in support of the Senator, students and Creighton University along with Sen. Kerrey’s letter to the Nebraska Republican Party.


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