Democratic Senators’ 2021 Priority Bills

Priority bills are given priority status and generally are considered ahead of other bills in debate. Each senator may select one priority bill, each committee may select two priority bills, and the speaker may select up to 25 priority bills.

Once the priority bills are announced, we will highlight the ones selected by Democratic Senators in the Nebraska Legislature.
After the bills are posted, you will be able to click on the bill number for a full description and to check the status of a measure.

Senator Blood, TBA

Senator Bostar, TBA

Senator J. Cavanaugh, TBA

Senator M. Cavanaugh, TBA

Senator Day, TBA

Senator DeBoer

Senator M. Hansen, TBA

Senator Hunt, TBA

Senator Lathrop, TBA

Senator McDonnell, TBA

Senator McKinney, TBA

Senator Morfeld, TBA

Senator Pansing Brooks, TBA

Senator Vargas, TBA

Senator Walz, TBA

Senator Wayne, TBA

Senator Wishart, TBA

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