Food-sector workers are standing up; Show your support by signing our petition

Union workers at the Kellogg’s plant in Omaha and across the country are on strike against cuts to benefits earned by hard work and years of service to the company, threats to move jobs to Mexico, and treatment of new hires.Eleven John Deere factories across the midwest are on strike to protest union workers’ shrinking pay and benefits while the company’s bottom line continues to increase.

The National Farmers Union has kicked off a campaign against corporate consolidation that has forced small ranchers to sell cattle at a loss while the four major meatpacking corporations hike up prices at the grocery store.

Will you stand with them? Add your name to the petition now.

Here in Nebraska, we’re proud to be part of feeding the world. We know how crucial our agricultural and food-sector workers are to our state economy and to dinner tables across the nation.

The workers who put food on our tables deserve to make a fair living, be safe in the workplace, have access to health care and save for retirement, and be treated with basic respect and dignity.

If workers don’t receive those basic needs, they’re standing up – and we’re standing with them.

Corporate monopolies are hurting food-sector workers at every stage – from the family farm to the grocery store shelf. And, anti-union talking points try to turn us against one another instead of unifying us.

At the Nebraska Democratic Party, we unequivocally stand with union workers and family farms in demanding fair wages, pensions, and safe working conditions.

If you agree, add your name to show workers we’re on their side.

To learn more about the strike, watch a great video with workers explaining how union workers are standing up for all of us, and read more about the Kellogg’s strike happening right here in Omaha.

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