2024 Democratic Candidates

Primary Election May 14, 2024

General Election Nov. 5, 2024

We are fielding candidates for seats up and down the ballot. We do support some Independent (nonpartisan/NP) candidates. It takes Democrats, Independents, and “enlightened Republicans” (as Sen. Nelson says) to move forward. We allow Independents to vote in our partisan primaries.

If you are interested in running for office please fill out the form below and we will be in touch!

We add candidates as they announce—over 500 Democrats will be on the ballot in 2024. 

US Congress

Tony Vargas

District 2

Board of Regents


Elizabeth O'Connor

District 4

Copy of 2024 Candidates (2)

Barbara Weitz

District 8

State Board of Education


Kristin Christensen

District 5


Mike Powers LD 1

Mike Powers

District 1

Tim Benak LD 5

Tim Benak

District 5

Flint Harkness LD 5 (1)

Flint Harkness

District 5


Dunixi Guereca

District 7

Terrell McKinney

Terrell McKinney

District 11


Tracy Hightower-Henne

District 13


Seth Derner

District 21


Larissa Schultz

District 23

Popp for Leg. (1)

Nicki Behmer Popp (NP)

District 25


Eliot Bostar

District 29


Mary Ann Folchert

District 31

Jessie McGrath

Jessie McGrath

District 31


Michelle Smith

District 33

Dan Quick

Dan Quick

District 35

Allison Himes

Allison Heimes (NP)

District 39

pnp_2016-10-06_21-23-39 (1)

Sarah Centineo

District 45

Larry B. LD 47

Larry Bolinger

District 47


Jen Day

District 49

County Clerk

Dan Esch – Douglas County Clerk

County Commissioner

Roger Garcia – Douglas County Commissioner, Dist. 1
Christa Yoakum – Lancaster County Commission
Chelsea Johnson – Lancaster County Commission

School Board

Christine Clerc – Bellevue School Board

City Council

Thomas Burns – Bellevue City Council
Don Preister – Bellevue City Council

Public Power District

Eric Williams – OPPD Board, Subdivision 6

Natural Resource District

Larry Bradley – Papio Missouri River NRD, Subdistrict 3