Former State Senator Dan Quick Announces Candidacy for State Legislature

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Former State Senator Dan Quick Announces Candidacy for State Legislature

Today, former State Senator Dan Quick announced he would seek election in 2024 to Nebraska’s 35th Legislative District, which encompasses Grand Island.

“I’m announcing my candidacy for state legislature because for me it’s about caring for the people you serve and introducing policy that will improve their lives,” said Quick. “The last session of the legislature was difficult to watch and even more difficult to understand, especially with what could have been accomplished. We need to focus on policies that will benefit Nebraskans with issues they face each and every day. I will work to improve the economic well-being of our residents – supporting small businesses and bringing back manufacturing jobs to the area, lowering the cost of healthcare, and shielding Nebraskans from the impact of out-of-control property taxes and valuations.

Quick was first elected to the Legislature in 2016. While in office, he served on the Banking, Commerce, and Insurance, General Affairs, Natural Resources, and Urban Affairs committees. He also was appointed by the Legislature to serve on the committee that addressed concerns about conditions of assisted living facilities for residents who suffer from mental health issues. He was also appointed to serve on the Economic Development Task Force and the Juvenile Interstate Compact.

“I’m proud of my work in the Legislature,” said Quick. He collaborated with constituents on legislation to expand and make the Veterans Cemetery in Grand Island a Federal Veterans Cemetery. “We passed legislation to increase access to early childhood education, to add protections to keep dangerous and addictive tobacco and vaping products out of the hands of our children, another to strengthen laws to combat human trafficking, and another to address vacant and abandoned properties in our communities. My focus has been and always will be to keep your family safe and give you an opportunity to be prosperous.”

Quick actively supports his community. He was elected to the Central Community College Board of Governors in 2022. He also serves on the Blessed Sacrament Parish Council, the Heartland United Way Board of Directors, the Nebraska Alliance of Child Advocacy Centers Board of Directors, and other related committees.

Prior to his service in the legislature, Quick worked at the City of Grand Island’s Power Plant for 28 years, where he started as a material handler and later as a maintenance mechanic and welder. He also served as President and Business Manager of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1597 and as President of the Nebraska State Utility Workers Conference.

Quick and his wife, Alice, a registered nurse, have lived in Grand Island since April of 1980. Together, they have three children and nine grandchildren.

The official campaign kickoff will be held on September 7th, from 5:30 to 7pm at The Chocolate Bar in Grand Island.

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