Hard Work Wins

Earlier this week, Kara Eastman and I were featured in a NBC article about how we move forward at time in our politics where Pres. Trump causes disruption and distraction every single day. After Trump was elected, I was pretty down and like most of us was in a state of shock. His constant attacks on democracy and everything that the United States stands for including immigration, freedom of speech and women’s rights, pushed me to take a clear stand and come work for the Nebraska Democratic Party.

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It is a tough climb to November and we have a lot standing in our way. Gov. Ricketts and the Republicans have more money than us, but we know that money doesn’t vote, people do. We have almost 600 Block Captains from Scottsbluff to Omaha talking with voters about how important it is to get out and vote for Democrats on Nov. 6, 2018.We need your help in making sure we have enough materials for our Block Captains. It costs $5 to provide everything to one Block Captain to help us create the #BlueWave.

Can you help us by donating to get a pair of Block Captains set up to hit the streets to talk to voters?

Growing up in poverty in North Omaha made me who I am today. I am deeply grateful to the strong women who had a hand in my upbringing. Every young woman needs a Sandra, Johnnie Mae, Kathy, Josephine, Louise, Doris, and Saundra in their life. These women always told me to use my voice and be heard when things are not right.  I can only hope that I am making them proud.

Part of my job with the NDP is to show the Democratic Party cares and shows up at local events like Neighborfest, block parties, back to school bashes, and much more. Showing the communities of color in Nebraska that they are the margin of victory for Democrats and the needed change for Nebraska and our nation.

We need people in office that look and sound like our communities. We need more Democrats elected that care about the communities that they represent, not big corporations writing campaign checks.

I know we can create the #BlueWave. I know you will be a voter to help save Nebraska. Please consider donating $5 to help turnout out our Democratic base and end the one-party rule of Nebraska.

In Democratic Service,
Precious McKesson
Nebraska Democratic Party Constituency Director

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