Help push Dems over the finish line in Omaha city election!

We need your help to get our Dems over the finish line in these last few days before the May 11 city election in Omaha!

We have actions below that take 30 seconds or 2 hours.

Something for everyone!

30-Second Action

Retweet voting reminders:

1-Minute Action

Share on Facebook our diverse candidates, just copy and paste this message:

Hey friends, take a look at our diverse and strong Democrats running in the city elections. Help get the Dems across the finish line in Omaha on May 11.

2-Minute Action

Make your own social media post with our share graphics and voter guides:

Link to all of our share graphics and voter guide graphics that you can download and attach to your own Tweets, FB posts, Snapchats, Instagrams.

3-Minute Action

Donate to the NDP  — this helps ALL candidates:

Your donation helps send voter guides to Dem voters, chase ballots, contact the “2020 first-time voters” to help make voting a habit for our younger voters and support the coordinated efforts that build our infrastructure to elect Dems.

1-Hour Action

Phonebank for Dems.

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, NDP staff hosts phone banks with the Douglas and Lancaster County parties. We are talking to Dems who have their early ballot, so these are easy calls to voters who appreciate the reminder to get their ballot returned.

2-Hour Action

Canvass for Dems.

  • All of our candidates are doing Lit Drops and canvasses during the week and on weekends. Just reach out to them on their websites or you can email and he can connect you to a  candidate’s team. For anyone in Lincoln we have a “Last Chance Lit Drop” where we are leaving flyers on doors of our voters who missed the primary.

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