Helping Families at the Border and Families in Nebraska

Emergency funding for border facilities is up this week in Congress. Trump one minute says he will veto it and another minute blames Democrats for not passing the bill to help the facilities have the resources needed. We need to push for resources WITH accountability measures.

“America’s values and America’s promise are being tested. No mother, father or child should face the abuse and neglect that is happening at the border,” said NDP Chair Jane Kleeb. “Families are seeking a better life and instead of creating a system to welcome them, we are creating a system of long term trauma.”

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Ideas you can do to help families:

  1. Volunteer with a group on the ground near the border. The nonprofit group Al Otro Lado has a google form where you can volunteer remotely. They are on the ground doing great legal, social work and direct services of food and clothing:

  2. Attend a rally and show your anger at what the Trump administration is doing to kids and families. On July 12, Lights for Liberty events are taking place across the county. Events are planned so far in Lincoln and Grand Island. Find events near you. 
  3. Call the federal delegation. Email them. Show up at their town halls. They need to hear lots of us to move. Especially the weak members we have in Nebraska. All of their contact info is here and the switchboard number (you should save in your phone is 202-224-3121).

Print resources for families in your community so they know their rights.

Lawyers who can help.

Group working to inspect the detention centers and helps with legal work.

Know Your Rights handouts.

Know Your Rights card.

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