Key Takaways: Redacted Mueller Report

Here are key takeaways from the redacted Mueller report:

Quote from NDP Chair Jane Kleeb: “It’s a fact that Russia meddled in our elections to undermine our Democracy, and yet President Trump continues to praise Russian President Vladimir Putin,” Kleeb said. “The Mueller report examined 10 episodes of obstruction of justice. Congress must do its job of getting the full report and not taking the Cliffs Notes version offered by Attorney General Barr. Nebraskans expect Rep. Bacon and the rest of the delegation to put aside their loyalty to Trump in this next phase of the process.”

BARR MISLED THE AMERICAN PEOPLE: Barr’s cherry-picked summary that said the Trump campaign did not coordinate with Russia left out a key part that suggests the Trump campaign was willing to collude with Russia.

ABUNDANT EVIDENCE OF OBSTRUCTION: Mueller’s report made clear that the Special Counsel did not by any stretch of the imagination exonerate Trump of obstruction of justice.

TRUMP TRIED TO OBSTRUCT JUSTICE: Trump “engaged in efforts to curtail the Special Counsel’s investigation” and although he was unsuccessful in obstructing justice, it was not for a lack of trying.

TRUMP CAMPAIGN SHARED POLLING INFO WITH RUSSIANS: Paul Manafort shared internal polling with a Russian agent for “months” and discussed campaign strategy for winning votes in the Midwest with him.

TRUMP KNEW ABOUT WIKILEAKS: Trump had advance notice that WikiLeaks would release more damaging information before they put it out, and directed his campaign to find Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails.

TRUMP SAYS JUMP, RUSSIAN SPIES SAY HOW HIGH: Trump asked Russia to find Hillary Clinton’s missing emails. Five hours later, Russia tried to hack Hillary Clinton’s personal office.

CONGRESS MUST CONTINUE TO INVESTIGATE: Mueller left the question of obstruction of justice to Congress, who will continue their investigations to get to the bottom of Trump’s actions.

RELEASE THE FULL UNREDACTED REPORT: Despite this report only being “lightly redacted,” it’s clear there is still a lot we don’t know. The full unredacted report must be released to Congress.


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