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Gov. Pete “Gosh My Daddy’s Rich” Ricketts doesn’t like a lot of things of late.

He recently said that he didn’t like the campaign to allow medical marijuana in Nebraska because doing so will “kill your kids.

This week, he came out against one of Nebraska’s most cherished authors — Willa Cather. He is opposing a foundation from taking steps to protect the Cather legacy and ensure generations can experience her words of the land in real life.

He also said that Nebraskans support voter suppression efforts in other states, as if he speaks for the entire electorate, which he certainly does not.

Pete, you see, is parroting today’s radicalized GOP, which, as the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin points out, doesn’t seem to like much of anything these days:

Republicans these days don’t like the National Football League, the National Basketball Association or Major League Baseball. They do not like corporations such as Coca-Cola and Delta that, however belatedly, support voting rights (though they are fine taking their money). They don’t like historians, climate scientists or statisticians. They do not like Anthony S. Fauci and other public health officials.

They don’t like judges — even ones they appointed. They do not like book publishers, social media platforms, the mainstream media or Hollywood. They also think universities and tech companies are bad.

They do not like many local voting officials or people who take part in large-turnout elections.

They really do not like immigrants — even when they are legal. They do not like international organizations (e.g. NATO, the World Health Organization and the International Monetary Fund).

You get my point. Not only have Republicans jettisoned policy and governance for cultural memes, but they seem to have decided that what binds them together is a list — a really, really long list — of common enemies.

What’s next, professional bowling?


Congrats to the Democratic Candidates who moved on this week to the city general elections next month in Lincoln and Omaha in May!

In Lincoln, City Council at-large candidates Bennie Shobe, Sändra Washington and Tom Beckius advanced.

As did Lincoln Board of Education candidates Kathy Danek in District 1, Barb Baier in District 3 and Don Mayhew in District 7.

In Omaha, R.J. Neary won the Democratic nomination for mayor.

Also advancing were City Council candidates Pete Festersen in District 1, Ben Gray in District 2, Juanita Johnson in District 2, Danny Begley in District 3, Vinny Palermo in District 4, Patrick Leahy in District 5, Naomi Hattaway in District 6 and Sara Kohen in District 7.

See important voting information and dates at the NDP Voting Center.


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The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has named Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District as a possible pickup in the next general election. The DCCC named CD2 as one of its 22 competitive House districts that are either open or held by Republicans. The Nebraska seat is currently occupied by three-term U.S. Rep. Don Bacon.

The district, encompassing Omaha and most of its suburbs, is by far the most competitive in a state that’s overwhelmingly Republican. It’s also one of the most competitive districts nationally.


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We leave you this week with a rendering by Stuart Carlson.

–By Kevin O’Hanlon/NDP Communications Director

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