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After President Trump ramrodded through one of his major supporters, Louis DeJoy — who owns tens of millions of dollars in stock in competitors of, and contractors with, the U.S. Postal Service — as our new postmaster general, we all knew the fix was in.

Since Trump fears the massive vote-by-mail effort fueled by his bumbling response to control the coronavirus pandemic, DeJoy began systematically hobbling the USPS by removing mail-sorting machines and those familiar blue USPS drop boxes across the country.

This brought the attention of enraged Democratic lawmakers and our old friend, Esquire’s Charles Pierce:

Like hanging, the possibility of being sued by 20 state attorneys general, and/or being roasted on a spit in front of congressional committees, seems to concentrate the mind wonderfully. Postmaster General — and abandoned James Lee Burke character — Louis DeJoy on Tuesday issued a statement announcing that he (maybe, perhaps) will suspend all of the various shenanigans that have made him famous over the past month or so.

“To avoid even the appearance of any impact on election mail, I am suspending these initiatives until after the election is concluded.”

Feel free to drive your full-size family minivan through the loopholes in this statement. For one thing, there’s nothing in there about repairing the damage DeJoy already has done; are the sorting machines that have been removed from USPS facilities around the country going to be returned? Who knows?

These omissions caught the eye of the House of Representatives, which plans to move ahead on Saturday with a bill meant to confront the damage already done by DeJoy and by the administration* he serves. And, behind it all, is the single most immutable political fact of this era — nothing, absolutely nothing, this administration* says can be taken as the truth.

Get your fireworks ready, folks. Just 74 days until the election.


Kudos to those in charge of this week’s Democratic National Convention, who were tasked with the daunting project of taking the event all online due to the pandemic.

If you missed it, here are some highlights.

Former President Obama’s speech on Wednesday.

Vice-president nominee Kamala Harris’ acceptance speech.

Joe Biden’s acceptance speech.

Onward. VOTE!


It’s been awhile since Republican Congressman Jeff Fortenberry debated one of his Congressional opponents, but this year appears to be different.

Democrat Kate Bolz says she’s agreed to two back-to-back televised debates with Fortenberry on Oct. 11 and 12.

At the same time Bolz, a state Senator from Lincoln, wants more debates and wants them sooner. “I’m glad to debate in October, but renew my call for debates in September, as vote by mail begins,” Bolz said.



The Morrison Exon fundraising event will be online this year because of the ongoing pandemic — but the event will still be packed with special guest speakers, volunteer awards and lots of fun!

The theme this year is “At Home with Nebraska Democrats.”

Last year’s keynote guest was Speaker Nancy Pelosi — so you do not want to miss this year’s event.

September 27, 2020
VIP Receptions, 5:30 p.m. CT
Main Event with Keynote Speakers and Awards, 6 p.m. CT/5 p.m. MT

Get your tickets and VIP tables.

If you have any questions on the VIP tables, sponsorships or anything else about the event, please email


Our Yard Sign Drive-thru Parties were a HUGE success, but folks are still clamoring for more. We are planning more drive-thru parties, so keep checking our website and Facebook page.

Meanwhile, fill out this form to get a Biden yard sign, a Biden farm sign (4×6) and signs for Kate Bolz and Kara Eastman!


The NDP has started a series of Welcome to the Party online events geared to new voters. We will answer all your questions about voting and how to get involved. You can type your questions in the chat or ask them live.

Sign up here.


Make sure you register to vote and request a Vote-by-Mail ballot at the NDP Voting Center.

Please share the above link with friends and family!


Get your Biden and NDP swag at the NDP/Shirts 101 store!


We leave you this week with a rendering by Mike Lester on how most of the GOP has turned a blind eye while Trump has run amok.

–By Kevin O’Hanlon/NDP Communications Director

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NOTE: If you had planned to attend any non-NDP events, we urge you to check with the organizers on the status due to the pandemic.

Aug. 25: Welcome to the Party call with Sen. Adam Morfeld

Aug. 26: Re-Elect Larry Bradley For Papio-Missouri River NRD Virtual Fundraiser

Aug. 27: Dems & Crew for CD-2: Strategy Session & Phonebank

Sept. 1: Welcome to the Party Call

Sept. 27: Morrison Exon Annual Event — At Home with Nebraska Democrats

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