It is official–hard working Nebraskans will get a chance to vote for a pay raise that helps lift thousands of their fellow citizens out of poverty and improve the state’s economy. Nebraskans know the value of hard work and believe that a fair day’s wage is part of the good life we can all support.

“Democratic activists across the state engaged their neighbors in a conversation about fairness and the future of our state, and that conversation resulted in nearly 90,000 valid signatures from across the state,” said Vince Powers Chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party. “I believe that democrats are on the right side of the issues, and we are engaging in a civil discussion of how to move the state forward; people from across the state have come together.”

“I think the great success of the petition shows how out of touch the leadership of the Republican Party is in Nebraska,” said Dan Marvin, Executive Director of the Nebraska Democratic Party. “Their candidates for Governor, US Senate, and US House of Representatives are opposing a modest cost of living increase for those Nebraskans who are struggling, while supporting tax cuts for those at the top.”

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