NDP Black Caucus statement on the indictment of Jake Gardner in James Scurlock shooting

From the NDP Black Caucus on the indictment Tuesday of Jake Gardner for manslaughter in the James Scurlock shooting in Omaha:

“Today was the first step in the process for Justice for James Scurlock. A grand jury believed that Jake Gardner should be charged for the crimes that he committed. The NDP Black Caucus stands with the Scurlock family and our community during this time. We ask that everyone use their voice not only for protesting but also at the voting polls. This is just the first step in a very long process. In the coming days the Black Caucus will share more information on ways to increase voter turn out and get individuals registered to vote. In the mean time please continue to pray for the Scurlock family. Today’s outcome shows that the voice of the people matters and is powerful.”

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