NDP Stands With Striking UAW Workers

The Nebraska Democratic Party remains steadfast in our support of the approximately 50,000 UAW workers on strike against General Motors.

UAW Members are standing up for:

  • Fair Wages
  • Affordable Quality Health Care
  • Their Fair Share of Profits
  • Job Security
  • A Defined Path to Permanent Seniority for Temps

To make matters worse, GM suspended workers’ health insurance soon after the strike began.

● GM Profits for 2016, 2017 and 2018 are record setting: approximately $35 billion in
North America alone over those 3 years.
● Amid record profits, GM has announced several U.S. plant closures
● GM is the most profitable of the Big 3 in North America since the 2015 contract negotiations
● GM CEO Mary Barra earns roughly $21 million in annual salary. To put that in real terms, for every $1 the average General Motors employee made, CEO Mary Barra made
approximately $281.
● In 2017, she was the world’s top paid auto CEO

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