Nebraska Democratic Party and DNC on Trump Dissolving His Sham Voting Commission

In response to Trump signing an executive order that dissolves his sham voting commission, Nebraska Democratic Party Chair, Jane Kleeb, and DNC Vice Chair of Civic Engagement and Voter Participation Karen Carter Peterson released the following statements on behalf of the Nebraska Democratic Party and the DNC Commission on Protecting American Democracy from the Trump Administration:

“Gov. Ricketts stood by Trump, along with our entire Republican Congressional Delegation, supporting this waste of taxpayer money. States refused to turn over voters’ data because there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud. There is however plenty of evidence of Republicans’ voter suppression efforts. We must end the one-party rule of our state so new ideas and balanced government are the norm again.” -Chair Jane Kleeb

“Today marks a significant victory for our country’s democratic process, and Americans across the country should celebrate the end of this administration’s fraudulent voting commission. Trump could not invent any more lies, falsehoods, or myths to keep his pathetic excuse for a voting fraud investigation on life support. Trump continues to put our democracy at risk, but the dissolution of this sham commission is without a doubt a win for voters everywhere.

“With so much passionate grassroots energy coursing through the nation, the GOP needs to see that the writing is on the wall. Americans from all walks of life have shown that they will not stand for the Republican attempts to trample on the democratic values our nation holds so dear, including this shameful war on voters. The African-American, Latino, women, and young voters that they tried to keep away from the polls will not forget this in 2018 or 2020.

“Even in light of this victory, the DNC will remain hard at work to fight for the right of all Americans to access the ballot box. Our voting rights commission, along with our civic engagement and voter protection department, is firing on all cylinders and ready to block any further attempts to prevent free, fair, and accessible elections. The Democrats know how much stronger our country is when more Americans participate in our democracy, and we refuse to let our guard down for a single moment.” – DNC Vice Chair of Civic Engagement and Voter Participation Karen Carter Peterson

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