Nebraska Democratic Party files formal complaint against Rep. Bacon

The Nebraska Democratic Party requests that the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) investigate Rep. Don Bacon for the misuse of official resources.

Rep. Bacon has used his official Twitter account to further his campaign and attack political opponents repeatedly. On November 18, 2017, a tweet from Rep. Bacon’s official Twitter handle called for the elections of state and local officials who prioritize lower taxes. The tweet also included a critique of Brad Ashford’s policy platform.

On January 22, 2018, Rep. Bacon attacked opponent Brad Ashford by sharing a conservative newspaper article alleging that Ashford missed congressional committee hearings and saying “[u]nlike my predecessor I try best to never miss committee hearings.”

The House Ethics Manual specifies that “official resources of the House … may not be used for campaign purposes.” These resources include any goods and services paid for using federally appropriated funds. Members’ official Twitter accounts are supported by federally-appropriated funds and maintained by staffers who are also supported by official funds. Rep. Bacon’s disregard for House ethics detracts from the prestige of his position.

Through his actions, Rep. Bacon has undermined the credibility of the House of Representatives. His blatant misuse of resources does not represent the values of the Nebraska families that Bacon is supposed to be representing.

Copy of  Complaint

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