Nebraska Democratic Party, Nebraska Stonewall Democrats, and Nebraska Women’s Caucus Statement on Passing of LB574


May 19, 2023
Contact: Jose Flores, Jr., Communications Director

***Nebraska Democratic Party News Press Release for 5-19-2023***

Nebraska Democratic Party, Nebraska Stonewall Democrats, and Nebraska Women’s Caucus Statement on Passing of LB574

LINCOLN, NE – The Nebraska Democratic Party, Nebraska Stonewall Democrats, and Nebraska Democratic Party Women’s Caucus issue the following response to the Nebraska Legislature’s passing of LB574:

Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb:

“Today marks a sad day in defending both trans young people and women’s reproductive rights in Nebraska. Extremists in the legislature decided that the mental health, the economic impact, and the private decisions between a doctor and a patient are not worth protecting, and instead enacted harmful and discriminatory legislation. Despite the medical community coming out in full opposition. Despite local businesses vocalizing the economic harm and the bill’s acceleration of ‘brain drain.’ And despite a mobilized movement of youth, women, and supporters across the state, extremists voted against the majority of Nebraskans. The extremists showed the entire state that they are pro-life in name only since they can’t seem to lift a finger helping kids and families, all they can do is play to the worst of culture wars meant to demean and divide. We thank the majority of our Democratic Senators for defending the basic human rights of some of the most vulnerable. We now take this fight to the ballot box to hold accountable the extremists who took away the rights women have had for half a century.”

Nebraska Stonewall Democrats Chair Michael Marcheck:

“The Nebraska Stonewall Democrats condemn the legislature’s passing of LB574. LB574 sets a dangerous precedent by dictating what kinds of care trans youth and their families are allowed to access. The abortion amendment endangers the health and livelihoods of countless Nebraskans. This setback is the culmination of both years of attacks on Nebraskans’ bodily autonomy by the Republican Party and the adamant support of Democratic Senator Mike McDonnell. If you are as angry as we are about these unconscionable attacks on our rights, get involved—you can call or write your senator, reach out to the Stonewall Democrats, support Planned Parenthood, or even run for office yourself. Together we can ensure that this setback is only temporary.”

Nebraska Democratic Party Women’s Caucus:

“The Nebraska Democratic Women’s Caucus stands in support of our LGBTQIA friends and family, as well as in support of the rights of all persons to receive whatever healthcare they need or want. We stand in opposition to LB574 and AM1658, as well as any legislation that would discriminate, or take away any person’s bodily autonomy, or parental rights.”


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