Nebraska Democratic Party Passes Primary Fairness Resolution

At the Nebraska Democratic Party’s Winter meeting on Feb. 3, a resolution was passed to declare the party’s neutrality in primaries with more than one Democratic candidate in the race. The resolution, while non-binding, is an affirmation of our values as a party. The fairness resolution applies to the Nebraska Democratic Party Chair, County Chairs ,and paid staff of county and state Parties.

“The Nebraska Democratic Party is committed to remaining neutral in primaries. The growing enthusiasm and number of candidates, already well over 90 this election cycle, is a testament to citizens’ desire to end the current one-Party rule across our state. We are proud of the work our party is doing to elect all Democrats including the creation of a new Blue Bench training project, Block Captain program and preparing a statewide Get Out The Vote effort. We welcome all Democrats—progressive, moderate and conservative—to help us grow the good life for all Nebraskans, not just a few at the top. Voters decide who goes on to the general election and we are here to assist candidates on an equal and fair level.” -Chair Jane Kleeb

“I got involved in politics so the people’s voices are heard. The fairness resolution is one more step in the right direction to rebuild our Party and to welcome all Democrats who are working for change.” -Stephanie Matejka, NDP Convention Chair

“Resolutions like this are a way for Democrats to discuss our principles, and express our shared ideals. Our Democratic Party works to encourage and increase civic engagement, and to support candidates who stand up to run for office. Voters in Nebraska, including independents, have the fair and open opportunity to choose between outstanding Democratic candidates during the primaries, and select whose names will go on the ballots to be elected in November.” -Scott Williams, Ph.D., Omaha

The full language of the resolution is copied below. View the PDF of the resolution.

Resolution: Fairness of Support to Democrat Candidates

Passed by SCC – February 3, 2018

WHEREAS Democrat candidates for elected office should have a fair opportunity to present their campaign to the electorate, and;

WHEREAS the Party Credo of the Democratic Party of the United States includes “At the heart of our Party lies a fundamental conviction, that Americans must not only be free, but they must live in a fair society”;

WHEREAS Article I of the Charter of the Democratic Party of the United States specifies that the Democratic Party shall “promote fair campaign practices”;

WHEREAS the Preamble of the Constitution of the Nebraska Democratic Party states its purpose in part is “in order to aid in the election of Democratic officials,” and;

WHEREAS elected Party officials do not give up their personal rights when serving in office, but the action(s) of an Officer can and often does create the public perception that personal positions represent the Party as a whole;

Therefore, BE IT RESOLVED, The Nebraska Democratic Party reaffirms our commitment to equity of support to eligible Democrat candidates during elections;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, The Nebraska Democratic Party does not support or condone the use of Democratic resources, whether at the county, state, or national level, which would provide unequal or unfair support to candidates in elections (primary or general) with more than one Democrat candidate;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, The Nebraska Democratic Party will engage only in candidate-neutral activities in races with more than one Democrat candidate. These activities may include but are not limited to efforts to support voter registration, improve turnout, and get out the vote activities, or other activities that are not candidate specific and are designed to support all Democratic candidates equally and fairly.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, During a primary with more than one Democrat candidate, the Nebraska Democratic Party State Central Committee does not support or condone the endorsement of a candidate over another by any County or State Chair or staff of County or State party.

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