Nebraska PSC Votes 2nd Time to Shut Down Nebraska GOP Robo Calls

For the second time in a week, the Nebraska Public Service Commission (PSC) voted unanimously to issue an immediate cease and desist order against the Nebraska Republican Party for making illegal robocalls. Challenger Janet Palmtag filed a complaint with the PSC on Oct. 1.

The unprecedented order, just three weeks before the election, prevents the NEGOP from making automated calls until at least Oct. 20.

On Sep. 30, the Nebraska Republican Party coordinated with the Julie Slama campaign to place thousands of illegal robocalls across Legislative District 1. The robocalls falsely claimed that Janet Palmtag was lying about being endorsed by multiple Nebraska Republican Leaders – including Governor Dave Heineman, Congressman Jeff Fortenberry, State Senators Roger Wehrbein and Dave Pankonin.

The Nebraska Republican Party blatantly violated Nebraska State Statute – (1) the required legal disclaimer failed to identify the phone number, web address, or mailing address of the person calling; (2) the NEGOP failed to file a copy of the script with the PSC within 24 hours of placing the calls; (3) the NEGOP did not have a permit to operate robocalls within the State of Nebraska.

“Appointed Senator Julie Slama’s campaign team has again been caught red-handed and is violating laws of the State of Nebraska,” Palmtag said.

The Palmtag campaign has been spending thousands of dollars correcting misleading and false information put out by the Slama campaign and the NE GOP since the primary.

This violation comes on the heels of complaints filed with the Nebraska Accountability & Disclosure Commission regarding illegal coordination of $75,000 in political donations. Investigations into these violations are ongoing.

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