No NRA Money. Gun Reform Now.

After the deadly shooting in Florida of kids and teachers, we wanted to update our Democratic family on our actions. The Nebraska Democratic Party will not take any donations from the NRA. We stand with local groups like Nebraskans Against Gun Violence and young people demanding gun reform now.

Governor Ricketts invited the NRA to hold their convention here in Nebraska. This is just days after multiple schools in Nebraska were closed because of threats of violence. Gov. Ricketts and the NRA share many things—like using their millions to buy politicians and buy elections. Help us show both Ricketts and NRA the door in November by standing with us.

The only way we stop the Gov. Ricketts and the NRA’s tight grip on our politics, is to flood the system with grassroots donations demanding change.

The NRA no longer represents hunters and the Second Amendment. The NRA represents the gun lobby and millions of foreign dark money. The NRA is the main reason we do not have national gun reform today. As a Democratic family, we have individuals who want to see gun reform now, and we have individuals in our party who own guns. You can be both. But what you can’t be, is part of the problem. If we as Democrats want to protect our children, we must invest in grassroots groups and our State Party in order to help elect more Democrats. We must also take to the streets to support Nebraskans Against Gun Violence and young people who are rising up and saying #NeverAgain.

The Nebraska Democratic Party stands for gun reform. We do not stand for the continued inaction as children are murdered in their schools and families are killed in places of worship. Nebraskans Against Gun Violence secured a major victory this week in our State Legislature ending the NRA’s top priority bill which would have weakened local gun laws. We must keep on going to elect more Democrats to get the needed national and state gun reform now.

Help us win elections. Help us put more Democrats at the national, state, and local level we want to protect our kids over the reckless NRA gun lobby.

The Nebraska Democratic Party can’t win elections without your grassroots donations. We will not take NRA money. We will speak loudly and work towards gun reform now. Nebraskans Against Gun Violence is working with young people to organize grassroots events including the March for Our Lives on March 24 and a national voter registration day for high school Seniors on April 20. Our party will be right there with them helping with these critical events.

As a mom, as a grassroots activist, as a proud Democrat, I ask you to stand with our Democratic Party and the young people leading the way on gun reform. We can not allow Trump, Ricketts, the NRA or the Republican Party give us tired excuses on why we can not do the most basic and fundamental task at hand—protect our kids from getting shot at school.

In Democratic Service,
Chair Jane Kleeb

P.S. Donate $20 today to stand up to the NRA and pass gun reform now.

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