Our Next Mayor Heath Mello Shares His Vision, Vote May 9

Heath Mello shares his vision for Omaha and the values his parents instilled in him with a great new video. The Nebraska Democratic Party stands proudly with Heath Mello!

It’s our moment, our time to pull together to elect the next Mayor of Omaha who will fight for our families by:

-Creating a first-ever Climate Action Plan for Omaha developing clean energy and a hard hat revolution

-Fixing our roads (it has been a bumpy ride with Jean Stothert!)

-Implementing an economic development plan with North and South Omaha

-Ensuring women’s access to reproductive rights is never threatened by right-wing Republicans who care more about a line in a speech than our families well-being–Heath’s faith guides his personal pro-life views and as Mayor he would never do anything to restrict access to reproductive health care

-Protecting unions and working-class families rights to safe workplaces and the right to collectively bargain and by fighting back against unfair trade policies like TPP

-Expanding public education and protect our public schools from Ricketts and Stothert wanting to privatize our schools with Charters

-Welcoming all immigrants and refugees to our great state

-Standing up to expand Medicaid, ensure our families have access to affordable heath care, protect Planned Parenthood funding and lifting up the need for universal prenatal care

-Clearly being against eminent domain for private gain and standing up for the Sovereign rights of Native Nations

-Continuing to protect Omaha’s LGBT workplace protections that Jean Stothert voted against

Vote May 9 for Heath Mello and all the Democrats running for Omaha City Council–Ben Gray, Pete Festersen, Chris Jerram, Vinny  Paleramo, Jim Rogers and Brian Thommes.

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Thank you to Kelly Herrington and Django Greenblatt-Seay who produced this new video of Heath sharing his values and story!

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