Poisonous and sick?

Dear Fellow Nebraskan:

The national GOP, the Nebraska GOP, Sen. Ben Sasse and Rep. Don Bacon went full-throttle this week with press releases and speeches saying that the Nebraska Democratic Party and I are “poisonous” and “sick” for calling them cowards for their continued lip service and lack of action on gun violence.

I stand by my words.


I also can label them cowards for failing to protect farmers and ranchers from eminent domain abuse by a foreign corporation.

I can label them cowards for their inaction on bringing down health insurance costs and health care accessibility.

I can label them cowards for increasing the national debt while pretending to be fiscal conservatives.

I can label them cowards for inaction on climate change — perhaps the most dire threat facing us all.

I can label them cowards for continuing to ignore sovereign and treaty rights of native nations.

They can call me all the names they want. But we the people will keep standing up — over and over again — calling them out and organizing to replace them.

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Every little bit helps.

Yours in Democratic Service,

Jane Kleeb, NDP Chair

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