Press release: NDP’s Kleeb, Sen. Morfeld, hail signing of gun safety legislation

President Joe Biden on Monday signed the first significant federal gun safety legislation in 30 years — a measure that was opposed by Nebraska Rep. Don Bacon..

“Don Bacon failed to listen to Nebraskans and voted against meaningful gun reform which was signed today by President Biden,” NDP Chair Jane Kleeb said. “Bacon claims to be a moderate yet continues to support a ‘do nothing’ stance in order to keep extreme wings of his party at the table. Bacon is constantly talking out of both sides of his mouth — a quality that has shown he has spent too long in D.C. and now chooses lobbyists’ interests over those of Nebraskans.”

Sen. Adam Morfeld, who is running for Lancaster County Attorney, praised the legislation and was on hand as Biden signed the measure into law.

“Today was a historic day in beginning to address the carnage of gun violence that is sweeping our schools, communities and streets,” Morfeld said. “We must continue to take action and strengthen our laws to protect our children and families.”


Biden touted the investments the new legislation makes in community violence prevention, including $750 million to help states implement and run crisis intervention programs. The money can be used to implement and manage red flag programs — which through court orders can temporarily prevent individuals in crisis from accessing firearms — and for other crisis intervention programs like mental health courts, drug courts and veterans courts.

It also closes a years-old loophole in domestic violence law, known as the “boyfriend loophole,” which barred individuals who have been convicted of domestic violence crimes against spouses, partners with whom they shared children, or partners with whom they cohabitated, from having guns. Old statutes didn’t include intimate partners who may not live together, be married or share children.

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