Press release: With redistricting done, Sen. Wayne, Chair Kleeb call for grassroots organizing

As Nebraska lawmakers wound down the special session on redistricting Thursday, Sen. Justin Wayne the NDP Chair Jane Kleeb called upon the grassroots of the party to join them in organizing to win elections.

“This was the most transparent redistricting process in our state’s history and I am proud to have served the people as the vice chair of the special legislative committee that oversaw the process as we created the maps for the next decade,” Wayne said. “As a senator, I am fully committed to bringing people of all backgrounds to the table to truly fix issues in our state to achieve equity, fairness and a more just Nebraska.”

Said Kleeb:

“The Nebraska Democratic Party is proud of the work senators put into getting maps where we can compete and win. No question there are districts drawn to try and weaken the power of Democrats in various parts of the state. We call on the grassroots to join us in focusing our time on organizing, registering voters and building bridges between rural and urban voters. So much is at stake in the 2022 elections from flipping the Second Congressional District, to electing Sen. Blood as governor and to building on the strong 17 Senators we have in the legislature that have the power to not only block bad bills but have shown repeatedly the leadership to bring bills over the finish line for and with the people. The NDP wants to extend our special gratitude to the senators who served on the redistricting committee — Blood, Morfeld, Lathrop and Wayne — for leading during a complicated process.”

Redistricting happens every 10 years after the census and is meant to even out the populations of Nebraska’s three congressional districts, 49 legislative districts, six Supreme Court districts, eight University of Nebraska Board of Regents districts, State Board of Education districts and five Public Service Commission districts. The Democratic Party organized across the state to ensure citizens had access to information and a clear place to take action.

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