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Gov. Pete Ricketts continues to have the state in a headlock with his incompetence and malevolence when it comes to public health during the pandemic.

Just this week, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, which Ricketts controls, denied a request by Douglas County — the state’s most populous — to implement a mask mandate in the face of soaring COVID cases and a rapidly dwindling number of available ICU beds. HHS Director of Public Health Gary Anthone said his agency had to balance the benefit to the public with “individual liberty.”

Translation: “If I had not denied the request, the governor would have fired me.”

But the pièce de résistance of Ricketts’ reckless disregard for the health — and lives — of Nebraskans was the fact that the state began running ads urging unvaccinated nurses to apply for jobs at the state’s veterans homes and other facilities.

This all came down as hospitals across the country — and some government agencies — are requiring employees to be inoculated against the coronavirus if they wish to keep their jobs.

State Sen. Carol Blood, after being contacted about the ads by concerned healthcare workers, demanded that Ricketts explain why unvaccinated staff members are being recruited for state-run veterans facilities, as the Washington Post reported.

“It’s important that state leaders honor the science,” Blood said. “This is a slap in the face. We can do better for our veterans.”

Not, it would seem, under Ricketts’ Reign of Error.


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–By Kevin O’Hanlon/NDP Communications Director

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