Rep. Don Bacon recklessly votes to default on America’s bills and tank U.S. economy

Once again, Rep. Don Bacon showed that he prefers to put millions of American workers, seniors, and small business owners in harm’s way by voting “NO” on the historically bipartisan vote that according to Moody’s Analytics and the Bipartisan Policy Center, would:

  • Cost 6 million jobs
  • Surge unemployment to 9 percent
  • Delay earned benefits like Social Security and Medicare
  • Jeopardize our military servicemembers’ paychecks
  • Threaten the economic progress President Biden and House Democrats have made in pandemic recovery
Said DCCC Spokesperson Johanna Warshaw:

“Don Bacon is showing Nebraskans just how fiscally irresponsible he is by playing politics with America’s bills. Under the Trump administration, Republicans blew up the national debt by $8 trillion with their tax cuts for the wealthy and corporate giveaways. Now refusing to pay the bill, Bacon is compromising the livelihoods of millions of American workers.”


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