Rep. Don Bacon shrugs off violent death threats toward colleague from extremist AZ Republican

Taking orders from his Washington party bosses, Rep. Don Bacon voted Wednesday against holding Arizona Republican and white nationalist sympathizer Rep. Paul Gosar accountable for tweeting a heinous animated video showing him killing a sitting congresswoman.
If it were up to Rep. Bacon, Gosar, who has planned fundraisers with prominent white nationalist leader Nick Fuentes and promoted “Anglo-Saxon” ideas alongside Marjorie Taylor Greene, would have been let off the hook for threatening to kill a colleague.
Bacon even said he gives Gosar “credit” for allegedly apologizing to Republicans behind closed doors – despite the Arizona congressman publicly insisting that he did nothing wrong. Bacon’s cowardly vote today underscores who really runs the House Republican Conference — unhinged extremists like Gosar and Greene who face nothing but shrugs from Republican leadership in response to their violent rhetoric.
“The House GOP’s values are in the gutter — and Don Bacon just proved today that he is no exception,” said DCCC spokesperson Johanna Warshaw. “Nebraskans should know that Bacon is an extremist sympathizer who believes it’s perfectly acceptable to make death threats towards congressional colleagues.”

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