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It has been nearly a week since the Nebraska Republican Party convention in Kearney was taken over by conservative zealots and the Trump MAGA crowd, who promptly gave Gov. Pete Ricketts — who’s been using his daddy’s money to buy political influence — the ol’ heave-ho as the party’s leader.

It was difficult to turn your eyes away from Twitter as the spectacle played out, thanks to timely tweets by Nebraska Examiner reporter Aaron Sanderford, who also filed a story on the Coup in Kearney.

By Saturday night, the state’s dominant political party had lost its chairman, executive director, two of three district chairs, national committeewoman, three assistant state party chairs, secretary, treasurer and lawyer, among others.

Unsuccessful U.S. Senate candidate Matt Innis was arrested on suspicion of trespassing and assault for trying to enter the meeting hall before the group voted to let him in. After being released from Buffalo County Jail, Innis walked into the convention hall to applause.

The bizarre event should really come as no surprise — and certainly does not bode well — as The Guardian’s David Smith recently reported:

Today the loudest voices in the Republican party belong to the extremists. For them, Trump’s “big lie” that the election was stolen from him due to voter fraud, rendering Biden an illegitimate president, goes hand in hand with the lie that the (Jan. 6) insurrection was a morally justified crusade, a righteous endeavor to save democracy, not destroy it.

All are aware of the power of rightwing media over state Republican parties and the “Make America great again” base.

America’s democracy is facing a stress test, from an ongoing campaign to dilute the power of minority voters to the “big lie” advocates seeking offices that would allow them to control elections. In the past, the U.S. has often cast doubt on elections around the world — now the threat to free and fair elections is closer to home.

And as Smith chillingly observed: America is facing down the barrel of a ballot-box coup.


In case you missed it, we sent out a press release this week in which NDP Chair Jane Kleeb and state Sen. Adam Morfeld hailed the signing of gun safety legislation:

President Joe Biden on Monday signed the first significant federal gun safety legislation in 30 years — a measure that was opposed by Nebraska Rep. Don Bacon.

Rep. Don Bacon failed to listen to voters and voted against meaningful gun reform which was signed today by President Biden,” NDP Chair Jane Kleeb said. “Bacon claims to be a moderate yet continues to support a ‘do nothing’ stance in order to keep extreme wings of his party at the table. Bacon is constantly talking out of both sides of his mouth — a quality that has shown he has spent too long in D.C. and now chooses lobbyists’ interests over those of Nebraskans.”

Sen. Adam Morfeld, who is running for Lancaster County Attorney, praised the legislation and was on hand as Biden signed the measure into law.

“Today was a historic day in beginning to address the carnage of gun violence that is sweeping our schools, communities and streets,” Morfeld said. “We must continue to take action and strengthen our laws to protect our children and families.”


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We leave you this week with a rendering by Drew Sheneman.

–By Kevin O’Hanlon/NDP Communications Director

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