The Secret to Victory

This is it.

Can you dig deep and find time to make calls in the next eight days? Find all the EASY ways you can help this final week.

It’s been four years of Trump and the Republicans dismantling everything that makes our country function, dismantling every safeguard for the most vulnerable among us, and trampling on the Constitution.

I don’t know about you, but we can’t take four more years of ANY of that or the cowardly Republicans cheering Trump on because it means more power for them.

We know we need to vote them all out. But that is not enough.

We need you to help.

Over the next eight days, just EIGHT DAYS, we need you to commit to joining at least two phone shifts.

“But I hate making calls.”

We all do.

We hate seeing our country destroyed a whole lot more.

We need 50 more volunteers for each of these actions in order to reach targeted voters!

Click here to make calls with Kate Bolz.

Click here to make calls with Kara Eastman

Click here to make calls with the NDP. We are chasing ballots statewide. These are super easy calls because people committed to vote already, they just need a nudge to get their ballot in.

No Knock Lit Drop: Candidates all week are doing what we call No-Knock Lit Drops where you put a door hanger on the front door of someone’s house and then move on to the next door. No face to face conversations, just getting our candidates messages out! Email if you can help (and it is a great way to get your steps in!

If you do not have time to volunteer, please consider giving $5 to support our efforts to elect Democrats.

Thank you for volunteering, voting and for helping save the soul of our nation.

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