The Thing About Don

As the battle for Speaker of the House of Representatives rages on, Nebraska’s own Don Bacon has found himself caught in the crossfire.

Bacon, who represents the Omaha area, is one of roughly 20 Republicans who has refused to vote for Jim Jordan as Speaker of the House.

Jordan is best known for covering up sexual abuse allegations at Ohio State’s wrestling program, so, safe to say he’s not one of our nation’s best.

Rep. Bacon believes that Jim Jordan is too close to the Freedom Caucus, a group that includes the Matt Gaetz’ and Marjorie Taylor-Greene’s of the world. And honestly, good on Don Bacon for not supporting Jordan.

It has been incredibly frustrating, however, to see Bacon paraded around by the media as some bi-partisan hero. Don’t get me wrong, he’s on the right side of history for this vote, and we’re allowed to be grateful for that, but when did we start praising people for doing the bare minimum??

The Worst of Us

If _______ does 10 bad things, but 1 good thing, has _____ done more good things, or bad things?

If you answered that they have done more bad things– good job! You now know where you stand on fake-moderate and media darling Rep. Don Bacon!

Don Bacon is the worst kind of person; one who stands for nothing. He legislates like a far-right extremist when his party tells him too. He makes desperate appeals to moderate voters when his re-election is on the line. He’s this flip-floppity stand for nothing character who somehow holds a job in our nation’s most hallowed halls.

Isn’t it infuriating???

He’s like that one person everyone has in their life who likes to argue just to argue. I don’t even think Don Bacon knows what he believes, he just tells people what he thinks they want to hear.

I’d much rather have a member of Congress with actual principles that they follow. Say what you want about some of the Republicans in our country, but they actually believe in what they say. I think Mike Pence genuinely believes in pro-life policy, I think Mitt Romney genuinely believes that we need to all pay less in taxes, but Don Bacon? No, Don Bacon doesn’t actually believe anything that he says.

The other day, I was scrolling through Twitter and saw Rep. Bacon voicing his support for Ukraine– Woo! Good take Don!

Then two tweets later, he’s expressing his support for Kevin McCarthy for Speaker, who has consistently advocated for slashing funding to Ukraine.

You can’t have it both ways, Don. For the love of God please stand for something.

Nebraskans aren’t stupid we can spot a phony opportunist from a million miles away.

Another Option

If only we had a better option to represent us in Congress…

Wait! We do!

Tony Vargas is running against Don Bacon to represent NE-02 in Congress in 2024!

Tony Vargas has served in Nebraska’s State Legislature since 2016, and *shocker* actually stands for something! Sen. Vargas’ work directly helped bring hundreds of millions of dollars to Omaha and has brought financial relief to working families,

His priority bill this last legislative session intended to help the families of folks dealing with overdose deaths. There’s no flip-flopping there. It’s good policy. There’s no empty posturing, or deflecting blame, Tony Vargas is running to help Nebraskan families.

I could tell you about how Sen. Vargas supports choice or believes in ending the climate crisis, but instead, I’ll tell you about Tony Vargas the person. While Don Bacon sits on his high and mighty throne of flip flopping, Senator Vargas is intentional in every interaction.

At the NDP’s Nelson Gala in September, I saw Sen. Vargas, kid in his fatherly arms, still intentionally seeking out conversations, handshakes, and hugs with everyone who came up to him. You can’t fake authenticity, and Tony is one of the most authentic, hard working leaders I have had the privilege of meeting in my young political career.

The Bacon-led status quo has led us to where we are now, in a Speaker-less Congress with another shutdown rapidly approaching.

So, while we could spend the rest of our lives praising Don Bacon for every 1 correct decision he makes out of 10, why not just elect the guy who makes the right call every time?

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