Turkey Day To-Do List

Most of us will be with friends and family this Thanksgiving — and we wanted to help you prepare for the likely possibility that politics will find its way into the conversation.

We are asking you to share our new commercial with family — including that Fox News-watching Grumpy GOP Uncle — or anyone who is excited about how the Nebraska Democratic Party is building momentum heading into the 2020 Election Cycle.

Your second task is to sign up to be an NDP Block Captain or to sign up others.

NDP Block Captains are assigned 50 houses in their neighborhood to stay in touch with during the year. This project is helping us win elections and stay connected to the grassroots to help our candidates win. We now have 600 Block Captains and need to hit 1,000. Learn more here.

Another great way to help is to become and NDP Monthly Donor, which is the backbone of our effort to elect more Democrats.

Enjoy your holiday! Show everyone the new commercial and help us reach our goal of 1,000 new Block Captains.

Yours in Democratic Service,

Jane Kleeb, NDP Chair

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