Update from State Central Committee Meeting

Hello fellow Democrats, we had an incredible time in Ord this passed weekend, Dec. 7-9, 2018, for our State Central Committee. Here is a quick update of what happened at the meeting. Minutes will be posted to the SCC Listserve.

First, thank you to Scratchtown Brewing for great beers and a great speaker Caleb Pollard at the featured Rural and Ag Caucus.

As a reminder, we want to reach 75 percent of all SCC Members signing up to be a monthly donor. With any monthly donation over $10 per month, you get a free ticket to the Morrison Exon Annual Dinner and access to the VIP Reception and a picture with our Keynote Speaker. We know the 2019 event will be sold out, this is the best way to reserve your seat!

Sign up to be a monthly donor and build our party!

2018 General Election Re-Cap:

We had some incredible results come out of the general election this year. We put together a document that outlines what we as a Party believe and some of those results. We also put together a more in depth report. With over 850 Democratic candidates running and 73 percent of those winning, we can all hold our head up high for the blue path we are walking together.

Please use these handouts at County Party meetings and other community outreach events.

Democrats Believe and Building The Party

Preliminary General Election Report 

Job Openings:

We are currently looking to fill two positions, our Executive Director and our Party Affairs Director, you can find their job descriptions below. We also are accepting on a rolling basis resumes for Grassroots Organizers (at $15 an hour) and Interns.

Executive Director (close date 12/14/18)

Party Affairs Director (close date 1/14/19)

Grassroots Organizers and Interns

SCC Voting Results:

We held a few votes in our last State Central Committee meeting that we wanted to make sure everyone was aware of:

The biggest vote we had was to approve the Nebraska Democratic Party to move back to the Presidential Primary system in 2020, instead of the caucus system. Read the press release.

We voted to approve a schedule for State Central Committee meeting for 2019-2020.

We voted in Lauren Williams as our Technology Chair, and Shirl Mora James as our Platform and Resolutions Chair along with members of all of the committees from each of the CD Caucuses.

We voted to allow Chair Kleeb to appoint a special committee to create the Delegate Selection Plan for the 2020 Presidential Election, and to allow the State Executive Committee to approve the plan. 

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