Vote, Knock, Donate

The 2018 elections are here, and you can take 3 actions to get Democrats elected up and down the ballot–Vote, Knock, Donate.

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Check out the over 600 Democrats running statewide in 2018–this is a record and one more indication we have a blue wave coming…but only IF we vote #NebDems #BlueWave2018.


You can vote 3 ways for the Primary Elections–choose the one that works best for you. You must be registered to vote first, so take that action now.

Vote in person on Primary Election Day, May 15th from 8am-8pm CT at your local polling location.

Vote early, in-person, at your County Election Office from April 16-May 14, 2018.

Vote by mail starting on April 9.

If you want to vote by mail, you must submit your Vote By Mail Application by May 4 (county office must receive it by then) in order for a ballot to get mailed to you. Voting by mail is easy and secure. You can also look up candidates from home while you vote. The best news is candidates know who submitted a ballot (but not who you voted for of course), so it can decrease the number of phone calls you get since candidates call often in order to get you to vote :)


Person to person communication is always the best way to get people to vote.

You can serve as a Block Captain where you get assigned 50 houses in your community that you are responsible for getting to the polls. Join the over 250 Block Captains across the state. This is how we win elections.

You can also volunteer for one of the over 600 Democrats running for office across the state. Check out the list and go to the candidates’ websites to volunteer.


Donations from grassroots Democrats are critical to winning elections.

Sign up to be a monthly donor, this helps us fund all of the voter outreach statewide for all Democrats.

Donate $18 in 2018 to elect Democrats. Giving to the State Party benefits all Democrats with our coordinated Get Out The Vote, Block Captain, Vote By Mail and Voter Registration programs.


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