We Can Keep Our Distance and Still Elect Dems

With folks working from home and practicing social distancing because of the Coronavirus, the Nebraska Democratic Party is focused on making sure our elections are accessible and that the public is safe.

To that end, we are shifting the majority of our resources to assist candidates to campaign in a new virtual world and to assist voters to Vote By Mail.

We need 200 volunteers across the state to help us make calls and texts getting more voters to Vote By Mail.

Click here to sign up to make calls and send texts for candidates. 

We are setting up virtual phone and text banks to call and text people encouraging them to send in their Vote By Mail Applications, so they may safely vote in the comfort of their home.

What is happening with Vote-By-Mail with the Coronavirus?

The good news is the Secretary of State and County Election Commissioners are sending Vote-By-Mail Applications to ALL voters. Every Nebraskans should have one in their mailbox by the end of March.

If you still need a Vote-By-Mail Application, click here to request an application to Vote by Mail.

Get other critical information about the elections in our Voting Center.

We need you more than ever to get Democrats votes counted–sign up here to begin texting and calling people from a Virtual Phone Bank.

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