Build Statewide for 2024

We Have the

Momentum People Heart Infrastructure Message

“Lincoln voters soundly rejected the MAGA Republicans and millions dumped into the races by the Peed and Ricketts families. Nebraskans do not want our elections bought by millionaires nor do they want constant lies told by the Republican Party. The elections were won tonight because Mayor Leirion and her fellow Democrats put forward their positive ideas to continue building a welcoming Lincoln for all. ”

The Historic Wins in Lincoln Happened Because of Coordination Between the Lancaster County Party, State Party, Candidates, and Allied Groups.

Lincoln voters chose Hope and Unity Over Division and Fear.

This is a model for wins across the state in 2024.

When Democrats work together, we are stronger than dark money and outside interests. Our grassroots donors are the fuel that keep us moving forward. With your consistent support we can plan our summer, and fall activities to build county parties.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who worked so hard for these wins!

And to our allied groups:
Women’s Caucus NE Young Dems Secular Democrats Stonewall Dems The DNC Bold Nebraska Nebraska Conservation Voters Planned Parenthood Lincoln Central Labor Union Women Who Run Firefighters Union IBEW local 265
Thank you for your work!