State Central Committee

The State Central Committee (SCC) is the policy-making body of the stateparty during the interim between state conventions and is responsible for the building of the Nebraska Democratic Party. The State Central Committee promotes the implementation of the party platform and the election of Democratic candidates. The State Central Committee is the ruling authority in the interpretation and defense of the Constitution and Bylaws of the Nebraska Democratic Party during the interim between State Conventions.

Composition: The State Central Committee shall consist of all State Executive Committee voting members, and one man and one woman nominated by the legislative district caucuses herein provided for and elected by the majority vote of the State Convention before adjournment. Each member shall have only one vote at any meeting of the State Central Committee. In addition, each legislative district caucus shall nominate one man and one woman to be alternate committee members who will be elected by the majority vote of the State Convention and who shall only be empowered to vote in the absence of the elected State Central Committee member from their district.

Members Entitled to Vote: Preceding the convening of a Congressional District Caucus, the Secretary of the SCC may certify to the District Chair the names of all members and alternates of the State Central Committee residing in the district entitled to representation at such Congressional District Caucus. The list so certified to the District Chair shall determine the persons entitled to vote on any question which may come before such caucus.

Becoming an SCC Member: SCC Members are selected at the State Convention every two years. The next convention is June 2018. You must be elected at the county level to attend the State Convention. Look up your County Party to get involved at the local level and ask your County Chair when the next meeting is so you can learn when the elections for State Convention take place.

Vacancies on the SCC, County Party and Standing Committees: For information, email

SCC Meetings: The SCC meets four times a year. All SCC Members and County Chairs are mailed a 30-day packet with a detailed agenda and other information from Chair Kleeb. The SCC meetings are open to grassroots Democrats to attend, however, only SCC members can vote on any proposal or items brought before the body. If you are an SCC member and are not on the list serve or did not get a 30-Day packet, please email

See the current list of  SCC Meetings.

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