Elected Officers

The elected officers of our party represent our state at the Democratic National Committee meetings, carry the message of Democrats across our state and are the leaders of the party.

Officers are elected every two years at the State Convention.

Jane Kleeb, Chair and DNC Member
Email: Jane@NebraskaDemocrats.org
About Jane: https://nebraskademocrats.org/janekleeb/

Frank LaMere, Associate Chair and DNC Member
Email: Frank@NebraskaDemocrats.org

Tom Tilden, 2nd Associate Chair
Email: Tom@NebraskaDemocrats.org

Patty Zieg, CommitteeWoman and DNC Member
Email: Patty@NebraskaDemocrats.org

Ron Kaminski, CommitteeMan and DNC Member
Email: Ron@NebraskaDemocrats.org