Remember these faces and VOTE

The election on November 8 is a battle for control of our Nebraska Legislature. The Republican candidates have taken an oath to Charles Herbster to make the body more partisan. They are all being funded by Ricketts’ super pacs. There is no independence.

We need to hold and increase our 17 Democratic-held seats in order to fend off the Republican MAGA extremists looking to take control of everything from our public schools to reproductive rights.

Democratic candidates for Legislature will stand up for the people and your rights. #NebDems

  • Dems support fully funding our public schools and support our hardworking teachers.
  • Dems support medical marijuana and increasing the minimum wage.
  • Dems protect property rights from eminent domain for private gain.
  • Dems support expanding voting rights and fair access to elections.

These are the faces who stand with you–vote early or on Nov. 8:

Sarah Slattery, LD 2

Machaela Cavanaugh, LD 6

Megan Hunt, LD 8

Wendy DeBoer, LD 10

Robin Richards, LD 12

Cori Villegas, LD 14

Michael Young, LD 18

John Fredrickson, LD 20

George Dungan, LD 26

Jane Raybould, LD 28

Tim Royers, LD 31

Angie Lauritsen, LD 36

James Michael Bowers,LD 46

Danielle Conrad, LD 46

(Images are left to right)

Republican candidates for Legislature will take away your fundamental rights if given the chance. #ExtremeGOP

  • Republicans will ban abortion and protect rapists.
  • Republicans will defund public schools and continue to tear down teachers.
  • Republicans oppose medical marijuana and increasing the minimum wage.
  • Republicans support land grabs and corporations using eminent domain.
  • Republicans support voter suppression.

These are the faces who care more about corporation than you: