Geist Heist

Pete Ricketts and the Peed family (Sandhills Publishing) are trying to buy the Lincoln Mayoral seat and City Council. 

Geist is an Extreme MAGA Republican

Geist has voted to completely ban abortion.
2022- 6-week trigger ban: YES
2023- Extreme abortion ban: SPONSOR
Geist voted against feeding hungry kids. TWICE.
Expands SNAP Eligibility: No
Feed kids at school: No
Geist voted against contraception
2021- Extends Insurance Coverage and Medicaid Access to Prescribed Contraceptives: No
Geist Voted Against Teen Parents
2017- Requires Schools to Accommodate Pregnant and Parenting Students: No
Geist voted for Permitless Carry
She wants to take away local control and the ability of Lincoln to pass ordinances about guns.
Geist Voted
AGAINST Non-discrimination
2022 - Amendment to prohibit discrimination in schools receiving public dollars: No
Geist voted against voting rights
2017 - Restores Voting Rights Upon Completion of a Felony Sentence: No
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