Lincoln, NE- Ryan Moore from South
Sioux City, Nebraska was selected as one of the “everyday Americans” who will
address the 2016 Democratic National Convention this week. Moore is one of
twenty individuals from across the nation to share their stories as an America
that is stronger together. Moore was selected to speak by the Democratic
National Convention Committee and Hillary for America. According to the DNCC,
“Ryan has known Hillary Clinton since 1994 when his family came to Washington,
DC for an event to advocate for health care reform. Ryan has stayed in
contact with Hillary ever since.”

Moore is set to speak Tuesday
afternoon at the Wells Fargo Center, and will talk about growing up with
spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia dwarfism and the difficulties his family faced
when his father lost his job because his employer did not want to have to cover
Ryan’s health care and treatment costs. When asked about being selected to
speak 2016 DNC Moore stated, “I was completely shocked when I found out I was
being asked to speak at the DNC. It’s such an honor and privilege to take part
in this historic event! I’m so glad to be able to represent the state of
Nebraska in this speech, and hope and pray that I make my home state proud.”

Ryan Moore will also be joining the
Nebraska Delegation on Wednesday morning at their daily breakfast meeting to
speak more about his experience at the convention. The Nebraska Delegation is
especially honored to have Moore as a guest of the NDP delegation, not only as
a Nebraska native, but also a longtime friend of NDP Native American Caucus
Chair and NDP Vice-Chair Elect, Frank LaMere.


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