Letter to the Editor

Writing a letter to the editor is a great way to voice your opinion and support for our candidates, issues, and the Democratic Party throughout Nebraska.

Submitting a Letter to the Editor is easy.

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Basic Tips for LTEs

Start with a catchy opening, and make your point clearly in the first paragraph.

Papers have different guidelines, which are posted on their websites. Most require you to keep your letter to 200-300 words.

State facts, but don’t overuse numbers. Letters that explain why you personally are opposed to a bill or are advocating for an issue help the reader connect with you more than if you just cite numbers.

More tips from allied group NEA.

These tips from the ACLU are great guidance for writing letters to the editor.

  • Keep it short and on one subject. Many newspapers have strict limits on the length of letters and have limited space to publish them. Keeping your letter brief will help assure that your important points are not cut out by the newspaper. Use the “Tips on Writing to Your Elected Officials” as a guide.
  • Make it legible. Your letter doesn’t have to be fancy, but you should use a computer if your handwriting is difficult to read.
  • Send letters to weekly community newspapers too. The smaller the newspaper’s circulation, the easier it is to get your letter printed.
  • Be sure to include your contact information. Many newspapers will only print a letter to the editor after calling the author to verify his or her identity and address. Newspapers will not give out that information, and will usually only print your name and city should your letter be published.

Sample Letter No. 1

Dear Editor:

I am disturbed — and you should be too — that the GOP is again proposing to  would return Nebraska to the winner-take-all method of allocating Electoral College votes.

Only Nebraska and Maine split their electoral votes — with the winner of the race for president getting the vote in each or our three congressional districts, and the other two going to the statewide winner. 

The Nebraska model of awarding electoral votes honors the principles of the founding fathers.

The Nebraska Republican Party has tried to change this system the past eight years and has failed because of the efforts of level-headed lawmakers and civic groups such as the ACLU and Civic Nebraska.

The present effort by the GOP and Sen. Julie Slama needs to fail again.


Your name
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Sample Letter No. 2

Dear Editor:

Well, well, well. Just like clockwork, the Nebraska GOP is once again trying to shove a Voter ID measure down our throats.

State Sen. Julie Slama has introduced a proposed constitutional amendment in the Legislature that, if passed by voters, would require photo identification for voting.

This effort didn’t just happen. These Voter ID measures are part of a relentless effort by the GOP nationwide to undermine decades of progress on voting rights.

Voter ID laws deprive many voters of their right to vote, reduce participation, and stand in direct opposition to our country’s trend of including more Americans in the democratic process.

That’s just what the GOP wants.

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