News Release: NDP statement on insurrection-supporting Charles Herbster that he’s running for governor

The Nebraska Democratic Party issued the following statements regarding insurrection-supporting and Donald Trump confidant Charles Herbster announcing that he is running for governor of Nebraska in the 2022 election:

“Herbster is the same guy who helped fund the Jan. 6 Trump rally that led to a deadly insurrection at the Capitol which left five people dead,” said NDP Vice Chair Spencer Danner. “This is the guy who met in Washington, D.C. with Trump’s family, and Ali Alexander–the lead organizer of ‘Stop the Steal’–the night before the insurrection to strategize about the best methods to stop the certification of the presidential election and disenfranchise voters.”

Herbster has already been mentioned by the Washington Post as one of the “significantly more extreme” Republicans seeking senate seats or governorships next year.

Said NDP Chair Jane Kleeb, “Just like Pete Ricketts, Herbster thinks he can buy the election. Nebraska does not need another right-wing millionaire in the Governor’s Mansion who is out of touch with hardworking Nebraskans. Voters are tired of the Republican’s one-party rule that leaves us with empty promises and wacky proclamations that prioritize guns over children. Radicalized Republicans will be met with Nebraksans coming together across party-lines to elect people who actually care about our families, not just pleasing Trump.”


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